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MM.LaFleur Partners with Good Apple Digital and OUTFRONT Media To Unveil First-Ever Out-of-Home Advertising Campaign

15 Aug 2018
Brand Campaign Harnesses the Power of Out-of-Home to Drive Results

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- OUTFRONT Media Inc. (NYSE: OUT), MM.LaFleur and Good Apple Digital today announced MM.LaFleur's first-ever out-of-home (OOH) campaign, which resulted in a substantial increase in overall brand interest and website visit efficiency.

In order to determine the effectiveness of OOH advertising, MM.LaFleur and Good Apple conducted a four-week-long campaign with 619 half-brand subway train ads in New York City and 65 in Boston, using OUTFRONT's premier transit assets. The campaign featured plus-size model Clementine Desseaux and images of a curated work wardrobe alongside the tagline, "Take the work out of dressing for work."

Through Good Apple Harvest™ multi-channel attribution methodology, Good Apple measured the impact of MM.LaFleur's OOH campaign on digital activations including brand searches, site visits, and unique visitors. In Boston, branded search spiked up to 170 percent over the pre-campaign average, while New York saw up to a 140 percent lift in branded search. The increase in branded search activity occurred in each city during its respective campaign.

"As an e-commerce company, it was a natural decision for us to turn to digital ads to reach new and current customers, but we wanted to see if there was something else we could be doing to drive awareness and conversions, and thought transit ads a great fit for our brand," said Michiel Maes, CFO at MM.LaFleur. "We were excited to see the increase in brand interest during this campaign and look forward to turning to OUTFRONT Media and Good Apple for another campaign in Q4 2018."

The research also illustrated that OOH is an efficient channel for driving visits to the MM.LaFleur website, translating to down-funnel customer acquisition. These results were supported by in-house analytics provided by MM.LaFleur.

"OOH can provide a great jump in brand awareness and engagement for digital native e-commerce companies, and we're able to connect the dots for brands to enable them to better allocate their ad spend," said Ian Orekondy of Good Apple Digital. "We're glad our solution enabled MM.LaFleur to see the value in their campaign."

MM.LaFleur chose Boston and New York for their OOH campaign due to their retail locations in those areas; the company has two showrooms in New York City and has a pop-up shop in Boston. In addition to the OOH campaign, MM.LaFleur ran targeted campaigns on search, social, podcasts and YouTube video ads. However, markets where the OOH campaign did not run did not experience similar lifts in performance.

"We are excited to be partners with MM.LaFleur on their first out-of-home campaign and to be a proven part of a successful brand campaign," said Jodi Senese, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at OUTFRONT Media. "We're happy to shine a spotlight on transit in particular, as startups like MM.LaFleur continues to leverage our unique assets, which have become crucial to their marketing mix."

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